Azathoth [Nell Tull]

A short 8 room dungeon that IS NOT ALIVE and will not gobble you right up, made compatible with Death in Space
3 NEW FLAVORS! Drink delicious BLOOD cola for the pick-me-up you need to get the job done! New POTIONS for CY_BORG.
A random Bug generator with over 5,800 possible combinations incl how to catch, combat stats, & effects when eaten.
​A Hex-Crawl w/ a 5x4 Map, 12 Locations, 4 Exploration Tables, & 2 Enemies; inspired by the Big Bad Wolf for Mork Borg
Play as a Cat! A Cat Class + Rules for Cats of Any Class for CY_Borg ttRPG Urban Legend Jam
Ramstein - Reise Reise - Albumcrawl for Death is Space - Planetary Hexcrawl
A 14+6pg Murder Mystery with d6 Rumors, 3 Cases, 4 Big Maps, 3 NPCs, & 1 Killer; Inspired by the BUNNYMAN for CY Borg
A Strip Club Dungeon inhabited by a strange Candy Cult for TRIGGER WARNING Jam compatible with Cy Borg
Mudvayne - The End Of All Things To Come - Album Crawl for MORK BORG - New Sanity/ Stress System
This Band Sucks! A Shitty Band, Their Tour Bus Dungeon, and d4 Reasons to Give a Fuck. Cy_Borg ttRPG!
Become a Death Notary and Kill with the Stroke of a Pen; 1 New Class & 1 New Monster based on Death Note Manga
Grappleoid Terrors are here to infiltrate your game! A multi life stage creature based on the TREMORS movies.
Survival Horror Dungeon Adventure 21 Rooms 8 Monsters d88 Random Religious Items 10+ Weapons & Armor. For MORK BORG
An new way to level up your Mork Borg PCs by earning XP & spending it directly on improving your character how you want!
All of that Great Punk Rock Flavor You Love, None of the Added Cyber Implants!
The Memory Collecting Alien Giant Assimilates you as New Beings into Their Brain Dimension. 8.5" x 14"
Strange Gasses Pour out from the Dig Site & Drive the Colonists Mad, while a Sick Murderer claims to Know the Truth
In the Village of Welltig built atop the ruined Easod Keep lives the Crow Witch in her tall Aviary swirling with crows
Climb up to the snow buried Kingdom of the Furnace Mizer where strange smoke billows from forgotten steeples. Mork Borg
Those from the lightless depths vowed never to step foot in your domain again, one such behemoth has broken this.
Slasher Jam Entry inspired by the 1977 "the Hills Have Eyes" film. Hex Map + Monster Stats. For MORK BORG RPG.
10+ Room Dungeon inspired by Scream Bloody Gore by Death, cool new Enemies & Weaopns; for Album Jam 2! MORK BORG RPG
Six Otherworldly Abominations, inspired by Soliloquy for Lilith by Nurse With Wound, compatible with MORK BORG RPG
My Submission for the FÖLK-LORE Jam. A monster entry and a short cut and paste adventure. MORK BORG rpg.

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